Saturday, July 03, 2004

3 Years Ago, At This Spot...

Way back in July of 2001, I asked my wife if she would "be my girlfriend". We celebrated by going to this restaurant at the South Street Seaport with some friends. Turns out I revisited the spot today, since I had some free time.


Blogger Khemeka Beckford said...

I remember that day as if it were just yesterday. Tanika wore her brand new outfit which was a lovely lavender skirt set. She wore it after asking me if she should dress up for her date with you. It was funny teasing her telling her not to over dress because I wanted her not to expect anything. I remember after you asked her she came up to me and said "Khemeka, I am going to kill you for fooling me". I mean what did she expect me to do. I couldn't spoil the surprise, now could I. LOL! Hector that was great of you to revisit that restaurant. If it were not for you I would of not known how great the food is. I had a great time there that night. Funny how some of those people who were there are not presently in our lives now. Hey,such is life. I hope you and Nika a.k.a anonymous had fun this past weekend.

July 7, 2004 at 8:45 AM  

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