Friday, May 28, 2004

Cool Animated Graphic of the Day

You gotta love animated stuff that actually looks cool. Here's a gif somebody posted on one of the message-boards that I check out. Matrix-style, baby!

"From the Director of Independence Day..."

It's funny how they never say "from the director of Godzilla" when referring to Roland Emmerich, the director for The Day After Tomorrow. It's like the marketing department wants you to forget about that last film. ID4 on the other hand, was a classic. Yeah it was filled with cliche dialogue, and ridiculous plot holes (a Mac computer taps into the aliens' mothership?)...but it kicked major butt when it came to the action and effects. That's probably what Day After Tomorrow will be like too.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What Happened to the Updates?

They're starting again. Man, was I afraid of this happening. So many people start out web sites, but then fail to update them after a while. Just been incredibly busy. Since I don't have much time this very instant, I'd figure I'd link a stunning nature photo that I found online. I'm getting into photography and all, but I can't take credit for this one. More to come.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

"You Got Served" Out Now on DVD

From the "destroy-your-credibility" department, I saw this film in the theatres a few months back, and actually enjoyed it. My wife and her sisters laughed a lot at some of the dumb scenes...but man, the music and dancing was bangin! I actually want to pick this one up, though I could really use a huge sound-system to do the film justice.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Shrek 2: As Good as the First?

Well, that's what their saying over at Rotten Tomatoes. And I even saw a four-star rating on the cover of USA Today. The first one wore thin on me after two straight DVD viewings (everyone wanted to watch it on double-dates and get-togethers). But at the theatre it was pretty enjoyable. Might pick up the DVD set when they release parts three and four. Yes, they have been confirmed.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Troy Sucked.

The heading says it all. It tried to be Gladiator and LOTR, but wasn't half as good as either. The effects sequences were derivative, and the plot was slow-moving. Maybe it would have been better with the gods in the story. There was one good fight sequence between the two main characters, but is that really worth a movie ticket? The next few weeks should be much better movie-wise.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Congratulations, Allison! Class of 2004.

Today was a wonderful day for a graduation ceremony. This morning my sister-in-law, Allison, walked with the best of them at Adelphi University. It was getting pretty warm around 11:00, so the whole crowd (including myself) popped open their umbrellas, and relaxed under their self-made shades. Before then, we had been using our programs for some relief. To celebrate, we ate at this cool Argentinian restaurant where waiters brought meat selections to the table to cut a few slices. Man, I'm still full.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Moving to Queens Soon.

Next Saturday will mark the first time I've ever lived outside of Manhattan while in New York. The new place is bigger, cheaper, quieter, cleaner. And it's still only 2 blocks away from the subway. I'm really looking forward to checking out the cool restaurants along Queens Boulevard. My wife and I finally decided to use a moving service, instead of bothering our friends. So I have to give them all a call and cancel the requests for help that I already made.

Blockbuster's Tyranny Has Ended

I remember always having to take time out of my schedule, and go out of my way on the subway system, just to get to the nearest Blockbuster so that I can rent movies I really didn't want. (They took away their "guaranteed in stock" policy.) Then I get charged late fees because I didn't have it back by 12:00pm two days later. Enter NetFlix. No late charges, online ordering, and free shipping to your doorstep. Only thing is, you may not have the time to see all the movies you order. I still have three DVD's waiting to spin. Still, it works for me. No, I don't work for NetFlix.

Why Was This Site Created?

Long story short, I'm not allowed to post anything I want on message boards that are operated by someone else. Through this medium I can update you guys on what's been going on. More importantly, this is a personal life diary. You'll also notice the green-on-black template used here. That's because I'm a huge Matrix fan. Check out my PC desktop below for more proof.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Will Troy Suck?

Well, they say it cost around $200 million to make, but so far the consensus on Rotten Tomatoes is that it has clunky dialogue, and an overblown story, but huge action scenes that kind of make up for it. I'll be sure to post a review as soon as I watch it, maybe this weekend.

Night of Honeydips and Maximum Spiders

Last night one of my best friends, Albert came over for some serious gaming sessions on the Playstation2. I cranked up the sound system, ordered some Papa John's and proceeded to get whupped on some street ball. This game is one of the best two-player games out there, with maximum potential for rim-rocking, alley-ooping trash-talk. We whooped and hollered and marveled... It's great when both people are at about the same skill-level. Then we popped in some Marvel vs Capcom 2 for extra measure.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A Sad Day In American Idol History

Tonight on Fox, Latoya London, the best vocal talent on the hit show American Idol was cast aside by America. I can't say that I haven't done my best to support her. My wife and I combined our voting efforts for a total of 200 phone calls last night to the show, but America apparently can't recognize talent when it sees it. Or perhaps they just poured their votes into Jasmine Trias because they felt sorry after Simon lashed her out. Who knows. I am finished with watching this show, and wasting my time. Latoya, we love you and I can't wait to buy your album when it comes out!

E3 2004: One Great Show

I've been to E3 back in 2002. Boy do I regret not being able to attend this year. Between the Halo 2 demos, newest Zelda shots (which came out of the blue), and the huge Sony PSP triumph, this E3 is turning out to be the best one ever. I'll post more thoughts once I've had a chance to catch my breath!

Nintendo GBA DS: Worse Design Ever?

Wow, I really don't know what the folks at Nintendo are smoking. This new hardware looks so terrible, again showcasing why the PSP is infinitely cooler. I mean, it looks like they just slapped some plastic sides to a GBA SP.

Actual Screenshots of PSP Game: Metal Gear Solid Acid.

Riding on those long commutes and flights is going to be pure joy. Here's proof of what the system is capable of. Gameboy who??? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read about GT4:Mobile.

Sony's New Playstation Portable Photos: E3 2004

Let's get this blog started in the best way possible. I''ve been waiting for this system ever since it's been announced. Basically, this is a system with the power of a Playstation2, only completely portable. There's more information at IGN's news story. Feast your eyes on these hardware pictures!!

Welcome Friends, To Zion City

It all begins now...